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                        55 God's Engineering Masterpieces   56 Jesus & bus shelters   57 The ladybird

                        51 Happy Father's Day   52 Strike a Light   53 The missing piece   54 God wants us to understand

                        47 Be still be amazed    48 God & the rain drop   49 The nibbled pear   50 God can add bubbles

                        43 Is it a fence   44 000 Emergency   45 Our Unique Roundhouse   46 One Coin Two sides

                        39-Little Red Light   40-The first step   41 Red hot rivets   42The Fog Will Lift

                        35 Pristine to dump    36 Head down tail up   37-A clean BBQ   38-Feel a Butterfly Land

                        31 One or Many     32 Passion   Alignment   33 More than shiny   34 Sacrifice

                      27-A Candle in the Dark   28-Time to Enjoy   29-Beans in the Bag   30 Good Pride

                        24-The Little Fruit Tree Master   25-When life squeezes   26-About doors

                        20-I Love Christmas   21 Toilet Paper and Caring   22-Air and Vinyl   23 Fridge Doors - Real Doors

                        16-Grown with care   17-Fill her up mate   18-Glow Together  19-The Shopping Trolley & Jesus

                        12-Yesterday a pothole   13-Get Off You Bully    14-Its only a weed   15-Thorns

                        9-Master warningBridgeClosed  10-Miracles still happen  11-Opening Statement

                        6-If the world was a skate Park   7-Leaves-could we live without them   8-Little rocks all together

                        1-Bees can't fly    2-DNA of Love   3-Dogs High Fives   4-Door Handles  5-Gnarley Tree