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      Contributions by Kevin Schrapel

65 Baubles of Christmas   66 Christmas

                       62 The value of gum nuts   63 Drilling for Foundations   Wearing away can expose beauty

                       59 Change is in God's plan   60 Reflected love brings sweet growth   61 The reality of stars & God

                        55 God's Engineering Masterpieces   56 Jesus & bus shelters   57 The ladybird   58 The shrivelled grain

                        51 Happy Father's Day   52 Strike a Light   53 The missing piece   54 God wants us to understand

                        47 Be still be amazed    48 God & the rain drop   49 The nibbled pear   50 God can add bubbles

                        43 Is it a fence   44 000 Emergency   45 Our Unique Roundhouse   46 One Coin Two sides

                        39-Little Red Light   40-The first step   41 Red hot rivets   42The Fog Will Lift

                        35 Pristine to dump    36 Head down tail up   37-A clean BBQ   38-Feel a Butterfly Land

                        31 One or Many     32 Passion   Alignment   33 More than shiny   34 Sacrifice

                      27-A Candle in the Dark   28-Time to Enjoy   29-Beans in the Bag   30 Good Pride

                        24-The Little Fruit Tree Master   25-When life squeezes   26-About doors

                        20-I Love Christmas   21 Toilet Paper and Caring   22-Air and Vinyl   23 Fridge Doors - Real Doors

                        16-Grown with care   17-Fill her up mate   18-Glow Together  19-The Shopping Trolley & Jesus

                        12-Yesterday a pothole   13-Get Off You Bully    14-Its only a weed   15-Thorns

                        9-Master warningBridgeClosed  10-Miracles still happen  11-Opening Statement

                        6-If the world was a skate Park   7-Leaves-could we live without them   8-Little rocks all together

                        1-Bees can't fly    2-DNA of Love   3-Dogs High Fives   4-Door Handles  5-Gnarley Tree